Reduce costs, protect the environment!

How the PolyLyzer® effectively supports your processes and plants in the long term.

Your benefits from continuous measurement of charge density and stoichiometric dosing of polymeric flocculants with the PolyLyzer®

Up to 30% cost savings due to

Exact measurement

The measurement with the PolyLyzer® saves product. Without a suitable measurement method, the dosing of the flocculants is usually done to the worst expected operating condition.

Demand-driven dosage

The permanent, automated and precise dosing of polymeric flocculants by the PolyLyzer® has been proven to save 10- 30% product every day.

Easy Integration

The PolyLyzer® is a component that could easily be integrated into an existing installation. Your infrastructure remains in place, as complex, cost-intensive conversions are not necessary

Optimized solids discharge

Precise polymer supply to your plant optimizes the discharge of solids. Less moisture and weight permanently reduce your disposal costs.

Less abrasion

Optimal dosing of polymers leads to a smoother and more gentle operation of your decanter. You save on repair and maintenance costs in the long term.

Fast amortization

All of the above mentioned points ensure an extremely fast payback of the PolyLyzer®. Hence, you can actively save costs very quickly

Operational Advantages

Smoother running

Continuous control of the dewatering process ensures gentle operation of the decanter. Repairs and downtimes are reduced.

Relief for the staff

Permanent control and exact dosing are impossible in everyday operation. Automation with the PolyLyzer® allows your employees to take care of other tasks.

4 h - Installation service

EA qualified team of service technicians takes care of the installation, parameterization and appropriate maintenance of the system.

PolyLyzer® and Sustainability

Significant CO2 savings

Since polymer flocculants are made from petroleum products, any reduction translates to immediate CO2 savings.

Less product

As you use and purchase less product, energy is saved in production and logistics. Good for your environmental footprint.

Optimized disposal

The optimally dewatered sludge can be much better utilized in terms of energy during disposal.

Our customers say

In the area of wastewater, we use a centrifuge for solid-liquid separation. The PolyLyzer® has met our expectations in all respects. We are thus one step closer to a CO2-neutral operation - which we wish to achieve by 2035.

Reza Vali·Operations Manager ·Abwassergesellschaft Knapsack GmbH