Measuring instead of estimating is key!

The PolyLyzer® allows you to save costs and operate your plant for solid/liquid separation a lot more sustainable.

Polymer flocculants - properly dosed. Permanently.

The permanent, demand-driven dosing of auxiliary substances of your sludge dewatering plant is now feasible. The PolyLyzer® allows significant cost savings in the operation of your plant due to exact addition of polymer flocculants by stoichiometric dosing. Since the flocculants are made from petroleum products, increasing the efficiency of the dewatering process with the PolyLyzer® is not only inexpensive, but also particularly resource-saving.

German Standards

The PolyLyzer® is produced and professionally tested in Germany. High-quality components and relevant industry standards are natural for us.

Optimal product consumption creates countless benefits

Installing the PolyLyzer® has a positive impact on your budget and the environment, among other benefits, as the interactive graph below showcases.

Polymer price per kg
Specific polymer consumption per ton of dry residue
25 kg
Amount of sludge dry residue per year
1.000 t
Amortization in months
CO2 savings in kg
Cost savings in € per year
Depending on the circumstances, the reduction in polymer requirements is up to 30%.
15 %

Our customers say

The PolyLyzer® helps us to adjust our polymer dosing in sewage sludge dewatering under changing sludge composition and to adapt it as needed. With the PolyLyzer® we can additionally extend the process of digitalization.

Achim Boehm·Process Management·BASF